Thought Exploration #4 | Chaos in Language


 All thought exploration posts are prepended with this disclaimer:

All of the following words are my reality as I know it. My reality, like most others, is filled the misconceptions, misunderstandings, biases, errors, and delusions. These words are explorations of thought and make no claims of authority, informativeness, or substance – though they may provide these things regardless.

On with the post:

At the core of Curious Markings is the acknowledgment of the absurdity of language as a method of communication. The universe is chaos; our lives are chaos, the world is chaos. Communication is also chaos and language attempts to bring order. But humans are beings of the universe which means we are beings of chaos, and to bring order to chaotic beings is to shackle them.

Bringing order to language shackles communication and by doing that, language becomes a liar's form of communication. Yes, the markings and the unknown language are like any other language; lies attempting to communicate truth, but they are always with the acknowledgment that this truth is a quantum variable – once it is measured, it changes to something else, something different. A new truth. A truth that is always changing.

One day, the word protection may mean a seat belt in a car. Another day it means a contraceptive. And another it means saying words you know are not true. The Curious Markings acknowledge the lie of putting order to chaos.


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