Thought Exploration #3 | Quantum Brains


 All thought exploration posts are prepended with this disclaimer:

All of the following words are my reality as I know it. My reality, like most others, is filled the misconceptions, misunderstandings, biases, errors, and delusions. These words are explorations of thought and make no claims of authority, informativeness, or substance – though they may provide these things regardless.

On with the post:

I propose that our brains are immensely complex quantum computers. I think these computers can manipulate the universe at will. In old times this was called magic. The people who could harness their brains in this way were called magicians.

Obviously, magic in this context is extremely dangerous. Someone could, theoretically, quantum tunnel a few cubed inches of the sun's core and summon upon Earth another extinction event.

But what if we instead used this power to allow all life to prosper, thrive, multiply, and expand outside our own neck of the universal woods?


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