Thought Exploration #2 | Chaos is Not A Bad Word


 All thought exploration posts are prepended with this disclaimer:

All of the following words are my reality as I know it. My reality, like most others, is filled the misconceptions, misunderstandings, biases, errors, and delusions. These words are explorations of thought and make no claims of authority, informativeness, or substance – though they may provide these things regardless.

On with the post:

In my previous post, I conjectured that the nature of the universe is chaos. I think most people see 'chaos' as a word with negative connotations. In the context that I'm using the word, I don't see it as negative. Without chaos, there is seldom any change in the world. There are no reasons to adapt to anything. There is nothing left to overcome. In my opinion, without these things to challenge us, there is a world devoid of human purpose.

Without chaos, we would be lost. We would have nothing in which to attempt to bring order. Chaos is as necessary to human existence as water, food, and companionship.


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