Thought Exploration #1 | Clockwork Universe


 All thought exploration posts are prepended with this disclaimer:

All of the following words are my reality as I know it. My reality, like most others, is filled the misconceptions, misunderstandings, biases, errors, and delusions. These words are explorations of thought and make no claims of authority, informativeness, or substance – though they may provide these things regardless.

 On with the post:

For a long time, I thought that once we reach a certain point of scientific knowledge, we could user supercomputers to predict the outcome of everything. When, where, and why a person will do something. Which direction a branch on a tree will grow. The exact moment in time when the end of human existence will occur.

After talking to a friend about this, he disagreed. In my interpretation of his argument, the universe is too chaotic to have the clockwork mechanics that I was contemplating. A perfect example of this chaos can be seen in the evolution of living beings. Our biology consistently deviates from what can be predicted.

I've begun to adopt this idea because it's rather beautiful to me. The very nature of existence is a contradiction of itself, constantly changing, evolving, and adapting. A continuous rebellion to the constant. To me, this nature of the universe is a reflection of humanity. Or, rather, humanity is a reflection of the universe. Unceasingly discontent with existence as it is. We are agents of existence, perpetuating its prime imperative: chaos in the universe.


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