How I Use the Zephyr Marking


When I think of the Zephyr marking, I think of a calm, relaxing day. A day so serene that even the weather, a phenomenon with such potential for mayhem and destruction, is gentle and soothing.

As a schizophrenic person, irritability is a common symptom. Prolonged irritability turns into anger, and prolonged anger can result in bouts of rage and violent outbursts (this violence has only been acted out on inanimate objects).

By focusing my will on the Zephyr marking, I am reminded of the potential in humanity to be brutal, impatient, and unkind, yet, in the face of that, how beautiful it is that a being with this potential can grow leaps and bounds toward being gentle, understanding, and generous. By doing this, it brings out these qualities within me, and, in my mind, takes me to that calm, relaxing, and serene day.


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